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Our search strategy hinges on a direct engagement approach, using email, LinkedIn, and calls within our select pool of members and partners. This allows us to connect with promising candidates, even those who may not currently be in the market for new job opportunities.

Our 5-step filtering process enables you
to meet only the best profiles
and waste no time

Step #1

Screening process to identify the most promising profiles

Step #5

Synthesis in a standard evaluation grid and submission of a shortlist of candidates

Step #4

3rd interview: business case to test hard skills

2nd interview: personality and soft kills interview

Step #3

Step #2

1st quick interview to validate fit + mutual interest


We launch a 4-week recruitment cycle, at the end of which we produce a shortlist with the best candidates.

If for some reason, your happy future employee is not on the shortlist, we can launch a second cycle, but this time, things go faster as some promising candidates are already at step 2 or 3 of our process, and you receive new selected profiles about every week. 

Ask us for an example, if you would like to have an idea of the kind of information you will get in your shortlist.




Topline Talent - Recruitment pricing
Topline Talent - Recruitment pricing

Kick-off and launch of candidates screening

The first step is to listen to you.


We need to spend time with the recruiter as well as with your HR team, to understand more in-depth your expectations, the short and longer-term challenges for the position, your culture, as well the management style that your future employee should expect.

This is also when we review your job description.

Intrigued by our methodology and recruitment process? Let's explore how we can cater to your specific needs.

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