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Founder - in charge of selecting profiles and evaluating hard skills

Malik began his career in strategy and management consulting at Oliver Wyman, before creating the pricing department of Rexel Group, world leader in the distribution of electrical products in B2B.

In 2017, Malik decided to found the Pricing Club in order to gather the pricing community of large groups (200 contacts at the time, more than 10,000 today), share best practices across sectors, and bring his advisory support with the help of a network of consultants affiliated to the Club.


To complete this offer, he launched Topline Talent to put more than 17 years of professional experience at the service of recruitment, surrounded by a talented and demanding team.

Apart from pricing, Malik is passionate about marathon running, wine (though these two are sometimes hard to combine) and enriching his Jazz / Funk repertoire on bass.


Malik graduated from ESSEC Business School and from the Strategic Marketing Program of INSEAD.

His role with Topline Talent is to use his field experience to select the best profiles who will be contacted for a screening interview, as well as conduct a hard skills assessment in the final round of the process.

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Manon Courpotin

Talent Acquisition Partner - in charge of screening interviews

After completing her degree in 2022, she decided to take a gap year to work as an ambulance driver. This experience was incredibly rewarding and allowed her to gain a deep appreciation for the human aspect of work. Manon realized that she wanted to continue working in a field where she could make a meaningful impact on people's lives.


Following this revelation, she decided to transition into the recruitment industry, where she could leverage her interpersonal skills and passion for helping others. To prepare for this career change, she completed a specialized training program in recruitment, gaining valuable knowledge and skills in the field.


Equipped with this new expertise, Manon now connects talented individuals with opportunities that allow them to thrive and contribute positively to their organizations. Through her work, she strives to provide personalized and effective recruitment solutions, ensuring the right fit for both candidates and employers.

Manon holds a degree in Spanish Language, Literature, and Civilization.

Her role is central to the recruitment missions at Topline Talent, as she organizes the search, keeps contact with all candidates (whichever decision is made), and conducts screening interviews with rigor, and a high level of expectations. 

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Marion LÉLU

HR Expert & Certified Coach - in charge of evaluating soft skills

Marion has 16 years of experience in human resources, leadership, and management with major groups (Air France KLM, L'Oréal) and impact organizations (Unis-Cité, Médecins du Monde).

Driven by the human impact of her actions, she is now a certified professional coach and recruiter for Topline Talent, helping you unearth the nuggets you need for your Pricing / Marketing / Sales positions.

Outside her working hours, you will find Marion crabbing in the mountains, exploring the world (whenever possible by train), or on an improv theater stage.

She is a graduate of the ESSEC business school and the Coach & Team school.

As THE Human Resources Expert in the team, Marion has a crucial role at Topline Talent: use her top-notch HR methodologies to ask the right questions to candidates, as well as the recruitment team, so that all stakeholders can make the right decision, and evaluate candidates on a thorough soft skills assessment framework.  

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