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Maximize your topline impact
by recruiting the right talents


As a brand of the Pricing Club, we are directly connected to thousands of Pricing, Sales Performance, and Marketing Excellence professionals across Europe.


As former Executives in these fields, we also possess operational Pricing / Sales / Marketing expertise, which enables us to evaluate candidates on their hard skills, through a case study.

We will make sure that this recruitment has a strong and sustainable profit impact on your company.

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A unique database of profiles

What makes us unique is that we have a database of 7000+ professionals in Pricing, Sales Performance, Marketing Excellence, and we have the expertise to evaluate their hard skills for you.

A tailored talent acquisition process

Our talent acquisition offer has been tailor-made specifically for these types of roles, and includes 4 high value-added services:


Support in finalizing your job description

Have you well evaluated the following?


  • Which share of time will be spent on qualitative vs. quantitative analysis?

  • What are the importance and modalities of interactions with other departments (Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, Finance...)?

  • Are the scope and missions descriptions sufficiently accurate for experts in the field?

  • How attractive is your job description in the eyes of your target candidates? And how can we integrate the terms or expectations that matter most?

Support in specifying of the ideal candidate’s profile: education / experience / competencies / type of personality…

Do you need an expert in pricing, a consultant, an experimented salesman, a marketing professional, or just a ”brilliant mind” with no compulsory area of specialty?

How should the company culture and management style of the recruiter influence the choice of the personality of your ideal candidate?


Use of our pricing specialists and marketing / sales consultants database

We are pretty sure that your ideal candidate is in our database. We have 6000+ pricing professionals and have tens of thousands more in our direct network!



Assessment of the candidates’ hard skills

In addition to a thorough « soft skills » assessment which a serious recruitment firm would perform, we test candidates with real pricing / sales excellence/ marketing cases and synthesize them in a hard skills evaluation grid.


We conduct our research with a direct contact methodology (mail / LinkedIn + calls), both within and outside our qualified base of members and partners, targeting candidates that may not officially be looking for a job opportunity.



Our focus and most popular offer is Talent Acquisition, which includes the 4 services listed above, but we also provide on-demand services to help you accelerate your recruitment.

Talent acquisition
full scope recruitment

You want to be efficient and give us full delegation of the recruitment for a position.


We will make sure you find the best profile in just 4 weeks.

You wonder how we can deliver so fast? 

Let's have a call!

Job description review
possible without recruitment

You are creating a new position and would like to design the role with state-of-the-art practices?


We review and re-write a job description, in order to make sure your new recruit delivers with the highest impact for your company and you have the right responsibilities + keywords to attract the best talents.

Skills evaluation
possible without recruitment

You have an internal search process in place.


Great, but how do you know these candidates are actually good at what they do?

As you cannot be an expert in everything, we will conduct a case study to evaluate the hard skills of your candidates.



We will keep on looking for the right profile until you tell us that we have him/ her.

We commit together on the success of your new recruit:

the balance of our fees are paid at the end of the guarantee period.


I could not believe the timing was realistic, but Topline Talent kept their promises and found a fantastic collaborator in only 4 weeks. We hired them again a year later, and they managed, again, to recruit in only 4 weeks. Never seen that before!

- Transformation VP in B2B Services -



Our clients are renowned companies, leaders in their field and willing to keep an edge through a strong pricing organization

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